How To Install Minimal Debian 9 (Stretch) Server with LVM

Guide to install minimal Debian server. You need to download ISO image, following this link:

Debian Base System

This image installation need to stable internet connection.

If you install on real machine, need to make bootable CD/DVD/USB Drive. But, in VMware/VirtualBox skip this, you can boot from iso image.

Select Instal or Graphical install:

Choose language:

Choose location:

Choose locales:

Choose keyboard:

Installer checks installation cd, hardware and configure DHCP network:

Set hostname, example xecops:

Set domain name, example

Enter root password:

and verify root password:

Create user account and password, example XecOPS Server for Full Name and preko for username:

Select timezone for server installation:

You have to partition hard disk. Select Guided - use entire disk and set up LVM:

Choose disk you want to create partition:

Split / and /home partition:

Write disk changes:

Installation progress:

Select no if ask to scan CD or DVD repository:

Configure repository mirror:

Update repository in progress:

Select software you want, in this example i want to install Base system and SSH Server:

Install GRUB boot loader:

Choose disk to install GRUB boot loader:

Finally installation finish, select continue and system will rebbot to result installation:

Boot result installation and login to system: